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Robert Brudenell
Lincolnshire, England View my family tree

All aspects of the Brudenell family, originating in Huntingdonshire, then moving to south Lincolnshire. Main areas include, Coppingingford & Upton in Huntingdonshire, Bourn(e), Deeping St James, Market Deeping and Baston in Lincolnshire. My grandfather was one of 14 children.

I also have information on many other Brudenells, not just those from my direct family.

Details and contact information for numerous other Brudenell families from around the world.



Janet Savage email me
Gloucestershire England

Researching the Brudenell family from Deal in Kent who are supposed to be descended from the famous Brudenell family only illegitimately! Have got back to a John Brudenell living in Deal in 1820/30 years. He would have been born around 1800 but I cannot find any records.


Norman Rochester email me
Leicester, England.

My G/G/G/Grandmother was SARAH Brudenel/Brudenell. Born circa 1791 at Castor. Married WILLIAM MOISEY in 1811. Their daughter ANN, married a George Palmer at Kingscliffe, Northants on the 28 July 1839. Sarah's father was Richard Brudenel.


Jean Haworth email me
Lancashire, England
My grandfather John Thomas Brudenell born 27Jan1883 in Oswaldtwistle, Lancs - married 2 times - died 17Jan1964 (siblings Ann, Elizabeth Alice, James Herbert, Grimshaw). His father Thomas Joshua Brudenell born 28Jan1853 in Whittlesey, Cambs - married Nancy Entwistle (8/9 siblings including Eliza Ann, Fanny German, Elizabeth Joyce, Alice,George,William). His father William baptised 1Feb1816 - married Ann German 28Mar1839 at St Andrew's Church Whittlesey (siblings John, Alice, Thomas + others). His father Thomas Brudenell was born in Northamptonshire and married Elizabeth Baines a widow on 28Nov1814 at St. Mary's Church Whittlesey.


Karen Gentleman email me
Isle of Wight, UK
My great-great grandfather was Frederick Thomas Brudenell, who married a Lucinda Estella Henrietta Bohn-Millard. They were probably from London or thereabouts, but spent some time on the Isle of Wight. They had 9 children: (1)Jessie Rosina (born 13 Nov 1884) - my great-grandmother; (2) Thomas Frederick; (3) Elizabeth Lucinda; (4) Florence; (5) Eleanor; (6) Henrietta; (7) Richard; (8) Albert; (9) Dorothy (died aged 4).


Joan Airey email me
Lancashire, England
My mother was born 1908 Nora Brudenell, one of nine children, six of which survived, five of them girls. Three died as babies including her eldest brother William. Her younger brother was Thomas and was unmarried without offspring. William seems to be the name of the eldest son in my line. My mother's father was William Brudenell born in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire in 1873. His father was also William born 1848 in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. There may have been one or two other siblings who moved to Lancashire during the industrial revolution. His father was also William born 1816, married to Ann German in 1839. I left my home town of Great Harwood, Lancashire in 1966 and apart from spells abroad, have lived in London ever since. I opened an English language centre in 1991 and as a memorial to my Brudenell line called it Brudenell School of English .


Liane Fenimore email me
King's Cliffe, Northamptonshire, England
I am descended from John Brudenall, bca 1660, who md ca 1683 Audrey Burton of King's Cliffe. Their first child Ann was bapt 4 Aug 1684. Neither their marriage nor John's bapt were recorded in King's Cliffe, however Audrey was bapt there in 1663 to Libbeus and Ann Burton. John died 1719/20 and was described as a copyholder in the probate documents. A couple generations down Sarah Brudenall b 1766 MD 1785 Richard Brigstock in Wittering, however all children born to the couple were bapt in King's Cliffe. Their daughter Eleanor MD into the Deboo family of Eye, NTH, an old Walloon family from the French Church at Thorney, Cambridgeshire. My mother married an American GI in 1947 and we now live in the United States, although I grew up in Peterborough.


Claire Brudenell email me
Derbyshire, England
My grandfather Ivan Brudenell married my grandmother Mary, they had 5 children Carol, Peter (my father), Ian, Diane, and Robert, in total they had 9 grandchildren, 4 will carry on the Brudenell name. I never knew their were so many people who share this rare and beautiful name and I would like any information on the history of the name meaning if any one knows.


David Frederick Brudenall email me
Northamptonshire. Living in Wiltshire, working in Blandford
My father Frederick Brudenall is currently researching the family history. Grandfather William Brudenall of Moulton, Northamptonshire.


Keith Brudenell email me
Teeside - North East England View my family tree
The Brudenell family on Teesside appear to be descended from Henry Brudenell (b1833) and Alice Brown (b1831) who moved from Warmington, Northamptonshire to work in the Ironstone Mines of the Eston Hills (the new California) circa 1856. His younger brother Alfred and wife may have also move to the North East by 1866 but they moved back to Warmington after having one daughter. In Warmington the family can be traced to Job Brudenell (died 1774)and Elizabeth Starsby married 1724. The Brudenell family was invoved in Iron Mining and then later the Steelworks and Chemical Industry. Anyone wanting to share or find out more information about this North East branch of the Brudenell family then please email. I am interested with any information concerning Job Brudenell


Bob Britnell email me
Kent, England
The Britnells, or Bretnells, or Brutnells, or Bricknells, or Brudenells...... depending on when and who was spelling it came from south Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire; my line are Bretnell in Buckinghamshire in the 1590's but Brudenell in Oxfordshire in the 18th century, subsequently they move back to Bucks and become Britnells, as we have been for the past two hundred years. It is my belief that the family are part of the Brudenells Esq of Stoke Mandeville, this family is armigerous and has the same coat of arms as the Brudenells of Deene and the Brudenells of London, all of whom appear in the Heralds Visitation of 1634. I have more details of this and of my family on which I can trace the line to 1595 when Christopher's children are born. If anyone has any knowledge of a Christopher Brudenell/Britnell at that time I would be delighted to hear from you. It would appear that the family that stays in north Oxfordshire becomes Bricknell, that which goes to Buckinghamshire becomes Britnell and that which goes to Northamptonshire becomes Brudenell. There is no right spelling as they are used interchangably in the 16th - 17th - 18th century, I have all spellings in my line. My line moved from Bucks to Middlesex in the 19th century with my father to Essex in the 20th and me then to Kent in 1989. email me if I can add anything to your research, I have quite a lot of Bucks/Oxon records, including some Brudenell will transcripts.


Chloe Brudenell email me
Dorset, England
I have uncles called Michael and Kevin and my dad is Greame. My grandad is George Brudenell. If you could send me any informaton on family history I would be very interested.


Andy Hunter email me
Hampshire / Dorset / London, England

Really I am looking for information that will lead me to finds out more about my Hunter family tree but also I thought the information I have might help somebody else. Edward Leonard BRUDENELL was born about 1917, (Place and parents unknown), and was married to Joyce Winifred Crista EDWARDS. The marriage was registered in the June quarter of 1942 in the Petersfield (Hampshire) registration district, however Edward died at the age of 31.The death was registered in Holborn in the March quarter of 1948, so perhaps there is a London connection. During their brief marriage they had one child, Lea Margaret BRUDENELL, who was born in April 1948 in Christchurch (then Hampshire now Dorset). Joyce remarried to Arthur Alfred HUNTER (hence my connection) in 1950 and had another daughter. I believe Lea Margaret retained her BRUDENELL name until she married somebody with the surname Griffin.

Also I found this whilst searching: Birth of Janice A. BRUDENELL mother maiden name HUNTER Portsmouth June quarter 1947. I have no idea whether this is a coincidence or not can anybody help?

Hope this helps someone and I would be very interested to hear from anybody who has on any information on any of the names mentioned here.


Keith Brudenell email me
West Yorkshire, England
Born 1948 to Audrey and Harold Brudenell, One of 5 children all currently living in or around Halifax, West Yorkshire. Nephew of Ivan Brudenell, Stan Brudenell, Ray Brudenell all of Derbyshire. Very interested in family tree and research of family name.


Bob Senior email me
Somerset, England
Myself and a very distant 'cousin' from Australia (we share common ancestors from the late 1700's going back) are researching a collateral line in Leicestershire. Ann BRUTNELL (can also be Brutnall and Brudenall) was born 5th January 1778 in Saxby and married William Kellam 1/7/1799. Her father was Thomas Brutnell and her mother Jane Martin. We would welcome any information about the Leicestershire Brutnells of this period.


Kevin Brudenell email me
Suffolk, England
Kevin Brudenell b 3.2.1947 married Susan. Children James Thomas, Samuel John, Matthew Joseph and Lucille Sarah. My father George William Brudenell has produced a family tree recording the issue of Henry Charles Brudenell (b 28 12 1882) and Ivy Mansell (b 16 7 1887).They had 5 children:-Albert Henry married married Elsie Violet Forward, Arthur Charles married Alva Eunice Hunter, George William married Muriel Walsh, Irene Ivy Patricia married Leon Victor George and Betty Peggy Lydia married George John Austin.


Jeremy Edwards email me
Greenwich, Lomdon
I was at the Friends School, Saffron Walden, Essex up to 1959 with Karin Fernald and Janice Brudenell. Karin and I have mett up again after an interval of thirty years and would like to contact Janice again. Janice came from somewhere around Huntingdon, her father was (I believe) a builder.She married someone called Robin, don't know the surname, had children then divorced/separated. We have not seen her since and have been unable to trace her. Can anyone help?


David Brutnell email me
Leicester, England
I have details from the Goadby Marwood parish registers charting the Brutnell's from the late 1600's to present day.


Julie Ellwood email me
Billingham, Cleveland, England


Robert Kevin Philip Brudenell email me
Northamptonshire, England
I am the son of Patrick Stanley Brudenell. whom is the son of Raymond Rrudenell. We have been living in the village of Irchester Northamptonshire since before 1940. We aslo have some of thoose strange relations whom spell there name Brudenall. Please feel free to get in touch


Ross Brudenell Jr. email me
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

American-born April 8 1942 Knoxville, Tennessee of American-based branch by hearsay evidence having entered USA about 1870 into state of Vermont. Father Ross Brudenell b January 30,1911 Oak Park, Illinois USA d Williamsport, Maryland USA January 2, 2002. His father Thomas Clyde Brudenell b Chicago, Illinois USA January 15, 1883 d Glendale, California 1966. Interested in British connections of Brudenell-Bruce line


Rachel Lovell email me
Plymouth, Devon.
I am Irene's grandaughter and am mentioned on the Brudenell family tree that Irene's brother George has produced. Very interested in the history of the Brudenells.


Yvonne Taylor email me
York, North Yorkshire

I am researching a Morris line from Cotterstock. My GreatGreatGreatGrandfather Daniel MORRIS was christened in Cotterstock on 21 Feb 1806. His father was George MORRIS and his mother Mary. He was their third child. The eldest was Joseph christened in Cotterstock on 12 Sep 1802. I have found reference to a marriage between a George MORRIS of Cotterstock and Mary BRUTNELL at Goadby Marwood on 23 Oct 1800, and I believe that these are the parents of my George.

Any information on the Brutnells from Goadby Marwood/Leicestershire area would be most appreciated.


Tracy Smith email me
Portsmouth, Hampshire

Hello everyone, my mother is Wendy Brudenell born in 1943 and my grandfather was Arthur Charles Brudenell born 1914.

My grandfathers brother, George from Dorset compiled a family tree of the Brudenells a few years back now and if anyone would like names and dates of past family members, Ihave them going back to 12xx.
thanks tracy.


Rick Brudenell email me
Raunds, Northants (born in Durham)

Hi, I'm looking for information on:

1) James Brudenell born in Dumfries abt 1853 and then moved to Thornley county durham.

2) Parish records for Durham...Easington...Aukland or Bishop Auckland or Tow Law,

3) Scottish Brudenells,especially from dumfries where my great grandfather was born.

4) My dad was called Alfred who was from Durham,the son of George Henry who was from Durham who was the son of James who was from Dunfries who was the son of George who was born in Ireland in 1816. I am trying to find out why George was born in Ireland,im presuming the british army were there at the time.if any one could help solve this mystery.


David and Susan Brudenell email me
Oxenford, Queensland, Australia

David Robert Brudenell born uk 1962 emigrated to Australia 1966. Father Ronald Arthur Brudenell born in uk 03-11-31 died in Aust 11-02-86. Married Avis Wood on 31-03-56. We are planning a trip to UK in 2008 but wish to trace the Brudenell family line so that we can visit areas of UK that the family came from. Family came from Nottingham area.
Many thanks for any information Regards David and Susan Brudenell. Oxenford, Queensland, Australia.


Suzanne Bellingham email me
Birmingham, West Midlands

My GGG Grandmother was Sarah Brudenell 1791 she married William Moisey 1794-1829 one of the children was John Moisey 1813 who married Catherine Clarke-Green 1816 in Kings Cliffe.
They had my Great Granmother Mary Moisey 1855 Who married Frederick Skinner in April 1855 having my Grandmother May Skinner in Garforth Yorkshire 1891.

Happy Searching


Christine Cunningham email me
Peterborough, UK

I am a very distant relative of the Brudenells of Warmington previously mentioned by Robert. Job Brudenell, son of Isaac & Mary of Warmington is the husband of my 2nd great grand-aunt! However, I still have them in my tree and will be looking to fill in some gaps, probably using the info on this site.
Nice to have found you all.


Clare Trend email me
Northamptonshire, England

My great grandmother was Edith Lillian Brudenell 1896 daughter of Harry Cawthorne Brudenell 1844, grand daughter of Joseph Cawthorne Brudenell,great grand daughter of Daniel Brudenell of Warmington/Oundle.


Gary West email me
Haltwhistle, Northumberland

I am trying to confirm a link between Anthony Brudenell, son of Sir Robert b.1461 and Jane Brudenell who married Richard Bullingham of Ketton as Iam descended from them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Colin Lewis Brudenell email me
Ramsgate, Kent

Self born London 13/11/1947
Father; Lewis Bernard Brudenell born Oundle 14/11/1909
G.Father; Lewis Daniel Brudenell born Warmington 17/2/1877
G.G.Father; Horace Brudenell born warmington 12/2/1853
Not sure if my G.G.G.Father was Daniel Brudenell who married Mary Lettice on 29/8/1848.


Tracey Cave email me
Rushden, Northants, England

My grandmother was Dorothy Brudenell, born in Rushden Northants in 1906. She married Leonard Charles and had four children - my father Rex was the eldest. She had an older sister and brother who emigrated to Australia. I have traced our family back to George and Hannah Brudenell in Keyston in the eighteenth century. I understand that the Australian branch were tracing the tree and would like to make contact with them or anyone who has got further back than George and Hannah.


Geraldine James email me
Queensland, Australia

Joseph Brudenell married Hannah Mole in my tree. His parents were Joseph Cawthorne Brudenell and Matilda nee Penney. Hannah's sister Harriet married my Grandfather William Henry Hawes of Oakley Bucks. William joined the Royal Navy as a 10 year old, arrived in Australia on one of his voyages, liked what he saw and stayed.


Paul Brudenell email me
Nottingham, England

I used to live in Irchester northants but moved to nottingham as a child 23 years ago
My fathers name isIian Brudenell and my grandfathers name is stanley brudenell i am looking for information to build a family tree any help would be helpful.



Elizabeth Morris email me
West Midlands

I'm trying to help a friend whose mother was Harriet Brudenell, born Liverpool 12th December 1895, the fifth of 6 sisters;died 12th April 1974.

The other sisters were Ada,(b.London) Rose,(b.Wales?) Florence(b.London),Gwen and Audrey.Their father was Alfred Brudenell,d.1941 in Liverpool.
Harriet Brudenell married Edward Stanley Minett on 7th April 1923,in West Derby, Liverpool.Their daughter Gillian Walker,née Minett, lives in Balsall Common, near Coventry.She speaks of her mother's cousins in Bungay, Suffolk.
I will gladly pass on any information received.



Tracey Brudenell email me
Skelton Saltburn By Sea

Hi, Brudenell is my married name. As far as I know the furthest back we can go with relatives to the Brudenell Family is Thomas Brudenell who lived at Lackenby Eston Middlesbrough. He had a son David, who then went on to have my husband Tony and his brother Lee. We have now added to the Brudenell clan with David John, Any information would be great. Thanks Tracey.



Brigitte Moody (nee Pywell) email me
Boston, Lincolnshire

I think Alice Brudenell married George Pywell who were my great great grandparents on my fathers side of the family.


Terence Adams email me
Southend on Sea

Elizabeth BRUDENELL born 1821 in Keystone, Huntingdonshire was my Great Grandmother who married John WHITEMAN born abt. 1822 in Wymington, Bedfordshire. They had ten children one of whom was William WHITEMAN whose son Percy WHITEMAN, my Grandfather was common law husband to Mary Ann FINCH-YOUNG my grandmother.


Simon Brudenell email me
Canterbury Kent

My name is Simon Brudenell , I live in Canterbury Kent . Trying to find my Uncle Stan Brudenell family . He lived in Plumstead London .. I think he had two Boys .. Idont know their names or where about they live .. Love to find out ..


Jonathan Brudenell email me
Watfrod, Herts, UK

My Father was Alan Brudenell and I want to find details of his desecendants


Terry Kelham email me

I have a connection through my wife's line with the Brudenell's and in particular with Sarah Ann Brudenell born about 1878 at Ironville Derbyshire. Her father was Joseph Brudenell born about 1842 at Warmington Northamptonshire. I have the direct line back to Job Brudenell born about 1708 Northamptonshire and some of the offspring. What makes this connection fascinating to me is they my next-door neighbour is Andy Brudenell and he says his line descends from Northampton so I'm going to try and make the connection with our two family's if I can. I have my tree on Genes Reunited and also tribalpages so I can arrange for you to view if needed. I am looking for any information or just a chat about the BRUDENELL's of Northampton, Nottingham & Derbyshire (Ironville). Look forward to hearing from you.


Peter Brudenell Woods email me
Bittern, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia

My family for 3 or 4 generations had Brudenell-Woods as a surname but I have only just discovered the first indication of a Woods marrying a Brudenell, or Brudnell. William Woods married Amey Brudnell on 16 Oct 1797 in Huntingdon (St M and St B?). Amey was the daughter of Joseph Brudenell and Mary Muskett. If anyone has details of this Brudenell line I would appreciate it. I have begun a public tree on


Patrick Stanley Brudenell email me

I am the dad of robert brudenell i am the son raymond my gradad was william brudenell my mum is rhoad (cox)we live in ircheser northaptonshere william was marrid to rose fisher who came from ireland my cousins are owin terry ian lorreta dhelia my sister helena brother malcolm if you know you apart of this family plese let me know my name is patrick my wife is kathleen(peach)


Geraldine James email me
Gold Coast Queensland Australia
Brudenell Joseph Cawthorne Penney Matilda.
Brudenell Harry Joseph Cawthorne 1849 Oundle Northamptonshire wife Hannah Parsons nee Mole Ludgershall Buckinghamshire Child Annie Matilda Brudenell Husband George Hawes born Oakley Buckinghamshire 1872 married 1919.


Karl Brudenell email me
Leabrooks, Derbyshire

Father was Barry who had 3 brothers; Derek, John & Paul. My grandfather was callled Arthur & was from Ironville in Derbyshire.



Bob Page email me
Leeds, England

Like Liane Fenimore, I am descended from John Brudenall (born c. 1660)and Audry Burton (bapt. 27/7/1663 Kings Cliffe, Northants).

My line continues in Kings Cliffe, the next three generations being Lebbeus Brudenall bapt. 1/6/1686, Richard Brudenall bapt. 4/3/1710 and Anne Brudenall bapt. 31/7/1743. Her illegitimate son was Richard Ventross Brudenell, labourer, bapt. 14/2/1766 Kings Cliffe, whose daughter Sarah Brudenel bapt. 19/8/1791 Castor married William Moisey 3/11/1811 at Kings Cliffe. At this point the Brudenel name disappears from my tree.


Linda Appleby email me

I am a descendent of SARAH BRUDENELL(1771-1861) Kingscliffe who married ISAAC DIXON, through their daughter MARY ANN DIXON (1797) who married WILLIAM BALL.



Nicola Brudenell email me
Killinghall North Yorkshire

I have found a family tree that was done some years afo and it would appear that I descend from Job Brudenell who married Elizabeth Starsby and died in 1774. They had 7 children Thomas Brudenell 1724, Edward Brudenell 1726, John Brudenell 1729, Job Brudenell 1732, Amy Brudenell 1735, William Brudenell 1740 and Elizabeth Brudenell in 1744.


Lesley Dodd email me

We have an ancestor named Brudenell Sharp, son of William Sharp and Mary Cock. He was born in about 1811 in Orby, Lincolnshire. His nephew was named Charles Brudenell Dodd. We would be interested to know where this unusual name comes from, and if it is connected to our family by blood.


Lauren Brudenell email me
Milton Keynes, England
I am Lairen Chelsea Brudenell born in 1992.
My Dad is James Bruce Brudenell born in 1963.
My Mum is married to James Brudenell and is Tracy Brudenell born in 1965.
My sister is Eleanor Jane Brudenell born in 1994.
My grandparents are Desmond and Dorris Brudenell born in the 1920's.
We all live in Milton Keynes, England.


Linda Appleby email me
Leeds, West Yorkshire
I am a descendent of Sarah Brundell (1771-1861)and Isaac Dixon (1771-1861)son of James Dixon and Thomasin Weldon who were from Kings Cliffe,Northampton,England


Caroyn F. (Hughes) Pickett email me
San Diego, CA
I have very little information re my maternal family line and would love to trace them:

Grandfather: either Clyde William, or William Clyde Brudenell - actual birthdate unknown but somewhere in the 1920's. He lived in Chicago, Illinois USA and either owned or managed a small hotel. I met him only one time when I was 6 years old so my memory may be faulty, but he was a very tall very slender man with a full head of very white hair (silly think to remember I know).

Married: Gladys McClennan, Denver Colorado. Divorced Clyde and married Alfonso Balzano also of Denver.

children: William (Skip) Brudenell, Roberta Brudenell and Ida Louise Brudenell also from Denver.

This is my first foray into researching an ancestor so I am unsure of the protocols. Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide.

Caroyn Pickett, San Diego, CA, USA (Note: my name really is spelled like this - there is NO "L" in my name and it is pronounced Karen)


Glynne Steele email me
I'm currently most interested in Emele Jane Brudenell and her connection to the Fairall family from
IOW - but, having just started researching the family tree, the entire Brudenell line is very intriguing.

Thanks and best wishes,


Stuart Coles email me
Auldgirth, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
Sarah BRUDENEL is my GGG Grandmother via the following line of descent:

1. Sarah BRUDENEL b 1811 King's Cliffe, Northants m William MOISEY b 1789 King's Cliffe, Northants.
2. William MOISEY b 1821 King's Cliffe Northants m Esther ROSE b 1816 Burley by Oakham Rutland
3. Jane MOISEY b 1861 King's Cliffe Northants m Lewis Alfred CORNELL b 1864 East Langton Leicestershire
4. Rose Esther CORNELL b 1891 Stamford m Max Willi PFLAUM b 1888 Plauen Vogtland Germany
5. Carmen Maria PFLAUM b 1925 Madrid Spain m Thomas Charles COLES b 1924 Leicester Leicestershire
6. Stuart Charles COLES


Nicola Brudenell email me
Peterborough, England

Hi im a member of the brudenell family from father was elijah brudenell also known as brock who was born 20/03/21.he was born in warmington. his mother was emma elizabeth but am not sure what my grandfathers name was as there is no headstone.some of the family are still in warmington and i would love to find out more about my ancestors. i have heard the names job and had an uncle wib would really love to find family members.



Sally Benham email me
Baldock herts

Am related to the brudenell from Warmington.



Jess Day email me

I was born in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire and I am descended from the Brudenell's of Warmington Northamptonshire.

4th G.G.Mother Ann Brudenell 1832-1894 born Warmington 5th G.G.Father Daniel Brudenell 1793-1856 born Warmington 6th G.G.Father John Brudenell born Warmington 7th G.G.Father William Brudenell 1740-1811 born Warmington 8th G.G.Father Job Brudenell 1700-1774 born Warmington 8th G.G.Father Job Brudenell c.1660-1736 died Gretton.

I have further info on the wives of all of these individuals and also quia few of the children.

Anyone who has any information going further back than Job would be greatly apprecicated. If anyone wants any other info regarding the wives or children please feel free to email me.



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